Giant Kite – Learning Centre

5 12 2013

In learning centre last week we made small kites on the Wednesday. Students took them home and we decorated one by flicking yellow and purple paint all over it.

Walk-a-thon Fun

18 11 2013

Gamification Group Project

18 11 2013

Sean posing with the stuff

Learning Centre Project

18 11 2013

Lucy did a fantastic job organising the other kids and explaining how to glue and paint the tubes together.

HEZ – Connect – ACMI Finalist!

12 11 2013

Connect Through Time – ACMI Finalist!

12 11 2013

4/5 Manly Hit TV show – Episode 1

12 11 2013

4/5 Manly TV show

11 11 2013

Manly45 TV Trailor from Scott King on Vimeo.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

11 11 2013

Sanctuary Point PS is excited to introduce ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) to our school in 2013.  This means that your child/children can bring their own learning device (Apple – Android) to school to enhance and support their learning. This is not a compulsory requirement.

3D Printer / Competition

9 09 2013

Sanctuary Point Public School once again takes a huge leap into the future with the purchase of a 3D Printer. Students in the learning centre took the time to help setup the interesting device and PRINT a TEA CUP.  We will be introducing a competition where students will use 3D design programs like Sketchup and Minecraft to design interesting models, the best of which will be printed and kept by students!

Lava Lamps in Learning Centre

9 09 2013

We made LAVA lamps in Learning Centre by filling a bottle 1/4 with water and 3/4 Vegetable Oil. Then we added 4 to 5 drops of food colouring and let it settle. Finally we dropped one ASPRO Clear tablet into the bottle to make  it fizz. Try this at home but don’t make a mess!

Learning Centre Fun!

19 08 2013

Learning Centre from Mr Wells on Vimeo.

Learning Centre VOLCANO

15 08 2013


At Learning centre last week we began to make a Paper Mache Volcano. This week we finished painting the volcano and this afternoon we will be making it erupt using bicarb soda, vinegar and food colouring. In the coming weeks, we will have more and more activities available for students to participate in. We will focus on all KLAs.

Learning Centre

9 08 2013

We have been having SO much fun in the Learning Centre. This week we made a Paper mache volcano. Next Wednesday we will be painting it and on the Thursday we will make it ERUPT!

Meet & Greet

6 03 2013

Parents and caregivers came to our school to meet the teachers and staff!


AFL Visit

6 03 2013

The Greater Western Sydney Football Club, nicknamed the Giants, is an Australian Football club which plays in the Australian Football League (AFL).

We had the opportunity for them to come and talk to our entire school and they are currently running an awesome clinic with our students!

Swimming Carnival 2013

6 03 2013

We had a fantastic time at the school swimming carnival for 2013 at Ulladulla.

Magpies won the carnival with overall points.

ACMI Tricky Animation

11 12 2012

Some of the girls in the group made a fun animation of themselves in a booth at the muesum. Fantastic!

Me & My Shadow

10 12 2012

Me & My Shadow from Mr Wells on Vimeo.

Join the Party

10 12 2012

Nominated for two categories.


join the party from Mr Wells on Vimeo.

Where We Belong

10 12 2012

H.E.Z – Where we belong from Mr Wells on Vimeo.

Oliver enjoying Brickfest 2012

10 12 2012

A great exhibition that was held in Milton this year. Oliver takes us on a tour of what he saw. Perhaps something we could hold at our school next year.

After a Long Journey

10 12 2012

Thursday the 6th and 7th of December were two very long days. 14 students and 4 teachers embarked on an epic journey to Melbourne City. 2 and a half hours on the plane followed by a mad rush for the terminal where Mrs Doyle proved to me that she can run in her huge colourful platform shoes. So after our P.E lesson and some of the students first ever plane ride, we arrived in Melbourne for the ACMI Screen IT awards, a national film competition. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went for an adventure around the city, taking in the sights, taking lots of photos and watching some interesting street performances. We then had dinner at a small italian restaurant on a corner street and then returned to the hotel for bed. After a very early wake up from our students, we set off for the ACMI. It was a great ceremony and the students enjoyed the tour of the film muesuem. One of our videos “Join the Party” was good enough to get two nominations in the Live action category and the Bullying No Way category.

Stay tuned for Photos, Films and more stories…

Winter Wonderland

12 10 2012

We built a snowman with Mr Wells and some parents outside the computer lab.

The cold weather and storms couldn’t wipe the smiles off these kids faces.



Have a Great Holiday

21 09 2012

Can’t wait to get there…see you all in November


14 09 2012

Bonnie Vale won the chocolate.

ACMI Competition Entries

13 09 2012

This year we have 6 entries for the ACMI (Australian Centre of the Moving Image) Screen IT competition. Last year 4 of our students were finalists and won a trip to Melbourne. Our entries this year consist of 3 Animations and 3 Live Action Films. I am very impressed by the quality of work this year and hoping we get some more finalists, maybe even winners!

The theme last year was “Bullying” this year it is “Belonging”

Here is a sample of what one group has put together. Enjoy.



9 09 2012

Congraulations to Leonard who won the bike in this week’s Walk-a-thon draw

WALK-A-THON this Friday

28 08 2012

Amazing bike riding from Simon O’Brien

23 08 2012

Our Champions with Mike Munro

22 08 2012

Amy is our Reading Cahmpion and Ethan is our Sporting Champion

Mike Munro visits our school

22 08 2012


Mike Munro reads ‘The Lorax’ to our students


Riccardo from Power FM reads to the students

22 08 2012

Riccardo from Power FM is one of our champion readers

Book Week this week

20 08 2012

We have an action packed week of celebrating “Champions Read”.

Monday: Riccardo from Power FM is going to talk to the Year 3-6 students at 10:15
Our students from Spain, Brazil, Egypt and Ireland will make a special visit to the Sanctuary Point Library.
Wednesday: 12:00 Mike Munro will be in the Hall for all students in the school hall
Mike Munro….well known from television…to read to the students, a special visit by some super champions and awards for special readers delivered by helicopter on Friday.
Thursday: Staff are dressing as Champions and Congo, France, Peru, India and Madagascar are visiting the Sanctuary Point Library
Friday: Navy Helicopter Visit at 10:45 followed by a special assembly in the COLA.

Award Winning Video Production

14 08 2012

This is our award winning promotional video. Thanks to the talent and hard work of our students and staff we are pleased to present this outstanding piece of work. We are proud of their work and watch the video and you will understand why.

Hello world!

7 08 2012

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our new school blog. We are attempting to publish recent information, school events and photo galleries on this blog.

All teachers and staff will have access to the school blog.

There is links to individual class blogs, our website and other important online resources.

More information to come.


Mr Wells